Yunnan Sipsongpanna Vanda Holiday Hotel design

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Sipsongpanna means ideal and magical paradise. Yunnan Sipsongpanna Vanda Holiday Hotel, located in the Vanda Sipsongpanna international tourist resort area, is constructed jointly by Vanda group and Shanghai Qumun in the Dai nationality amorous style, with international quality facilities, warm and thoughtful service, builds the Sipsongpanna paradise.

All of the 415 hotel rooms and suites are equipped wit the indoor or oth modern facilities and local style decoration. It is some kind of artistic feeling to view the tropical scenery through the capacious and bright window autdoor swimming pool, the long corridor or fitness center. The decoration of hotel furniture should have artistic quality and appreciative characteristic. If one certain decorative design needs to realize multi-color and the harmony and coordination between generality and individual character, the designer must take people hobbies, accomplishment, personality, interest and culture into consideratrion, and merges these factors with fashion and trend to make the artistic techniques, modelling, decoration, pictures, color combine with the style.

In Sipsongpanna that is full of national atmosphere, it is particularly important to combine furniture with environment and culture, no matter for the color, style or display principle. All without exception do not arise at the historic moment, without affectation, ancient check books, like a gift from god. Display foucuses on symmetry, attaches great importance to the cultural implication, decorated with some Dai nationality handicrafts. The cultural charm and unique design style shows the special intention and consideratin of design, the unique charm of Chinese traditional furniture culture also get deduced clearly.

Go to the auspicious Chinese restaurant to savor culinary masters of creative masterpiece. Visit the 24-hour JI cafe to enjoy delicious food; Enjoy tea or cocktails in the lobby bar to reward ourselves afternoon, appreciate the unique charm of hotel anytime and anywhere.

When you forget to return in the personalized and different region, the night quietly comes...

Shanghai Qumun is committed to create comfortable business space, adjust to local conditions and actual circumstances. Blend culture and nature in the construction of the holiday hotel to achieve environment design. We take appearance, function, beauty and cost all into consideration. What you need to do is to believe Qumun.