Shandong Taian Vanda Jiahua hotel furniture and environment design

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Taian Vanda Jiahua Hotel is located at the foot of Mount Tai, near Taishan Convention and Exhibition Center, in the center of Vanda plaza urban comprehensive city. Taian Vanda Jiahua Hotel is meticulously constructed jointly by Qumun furniture co., LTD. and Shanghai Vanda hotel construction co., LTD for 20 months. The hotel is majestic with colorful beauty. The hotel furniture design, space and environment construction stems from the beauty of Mount Tai.

Rooms on floors from 25 to 37 are able to overlook the whole city, can receive all scenery panoramic view of Mountain Tai. Under the premise of European style, it has got the traditional western culture characteristics centered on modern features and European classical style, foreign culture and regional characteristic of the hotel, the coordination of these two contradictions becomes the key to a successful design.

A good item of hotel furniture must be able to get merged with the indoor and outdoor environment. The European classic connotation gets perfectly decuced for every elegant curvy lines at the edge of bed and table. And the Chinese style element - simple condensate screen has broke the oneness, make limited space design more rich and Chinese and western cultures get merged in harmonization.

Gorgeous? graceful? refined and elegant? These words can be used to describe the environment, not at all too much. Authough it is not a winding path, can still lead to a secluded spot for its deep and long ornament of corridor, lights decoration, the reflection of shadow and the use of screen.

You may enjoy the frangrant coffee, pure and fresh tea, selected red wine and champagne with exquisite snacks in the executive lounge. It is enjoyable and comfortable to drink alone or chat with friends. Take mountain as the conception, it would be as steadfast steady as mountains; Take water as conception, it would be soft and flexible as water. This is the charm of design.

Chinese restaurant is of Chinese style appearance, has symmetrical layout, carving window and ornamental engraving, take cinnabar as the main color, white porcelain as ornament, elegant and free from vulgarity, filled with profound poemtic feelings.

Shanghai Qumun as the strategic supplier of Vanda group, once again relying on its excellent product quality and perfect service system, won the trust of partners and harvest good reputation from market. The unique point of customizaiton is to design and producce according to customers demand, no matter for the appearance or function, line or surface, beauty or cost. What you need to do is to believe Qumun.