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Project:Taizhou Grand Metropark Hotel

Time: 2020.7


From: Shanghai New Qumun

Project introduction

Taizhou Grand Metropark Hotel :The total construction area is about 50,000 square meters, with 24 floors above the ground and 2 floors below the ground, 99.8 meters high. It is the first five-star standard hotel operated by China Tourism Group Hotel Operation Co., Ltd. in Taizhou, integrating guest rooms, catering, conference, health-care, sports and entertainment.

△Taizhou Grand Metropark Hotel  exterior scene shooting

Taizhou has a history of more than 2100 years. In the Southern Tang Dynasty, it was governed by the state, called "Taizhou", Combine the charm of Wu, Chu and Yue, and gather the scene of river.
For thousands of years, with smooth weather, stable and peaceful,  it has been known as the land of prosperity.

△Real view of hotel lobby

△Real view of hotel reception area

Stepping into the public area of the lobby, the Chinese-style line decoration combined with the characteristic national style embellishment design makes the hotel convey a very strong new Chinese flavor in space and vision.  The plain sofa fabric and the wood-grained cabinet show the extraordinary product texture.

△Hotel all-day dining restaurant and other areas real scenes

The white marble dining table is matched with different colors leather dining chairs,  partially decorated with bronze and metal lines, creating a comfortable and high-end open atmosphere for dining.

△Real view of hotel restaurant private room

The dining private room also incorporates the new Chinese decoration style in the space. The long marble dining table provides users with a light and luxurious home dining experience.

△Hotel Executive Suite-Living Room Real View

△Hotel Executive Suite-Bedroom Real View

△Hotel Executive Suite-Restaurant Real View

△Hotel Executive Suite-Bathroom Real View

The executive suite enhances the grasp of the spatial tone and artistry. The details of the design exist for function, so that the comfortable room is permeated with a kind of cultural atmosphere.
The introverted and elegant calm space is also an expression of feelings.

△Real view of hotel double room and standard room

The standard suites are spacious and bright in space, and the selection of environment layout and furniture style are more refined and personalized. The design of the functional area also takes into account the daily living needs of the VIP guests.

China Tourism Group Hotel Operation Co., Ltd.

Adhering to the tenet of "The pursuit of customer satisfaction, the pursuit of employee growth, the pursuit of owners return, the pursuit of social recognition"

Jointly create a national hotel brand with international standards in China with New Qumun Group.
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