Project: Taiping Financial Building:Business card of Lujiazui Financial Center

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Project: Taiping Life


Address: Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai

From:  Shanghai New Qumun

Project case

Shanghai Taiping Financial Building is located in the Lujiazui Financial and Trade Center in Pudong, got a strategic location.It is a comprehensive building integrating functions of office, commerce, conference and financial services.

As a Grade A office building with headquarters characteristics, Shanghai Taiping Financial Tower highlights the concept of green ecological office in design, with a grand and generous architectural appearance and a grand and stylish facade.

Reception space

The furniture layout and supporting equipment in the public waiting area are often the image window of enterprises external service. The fashionable leisure software and semi-private booth sofa house, the convenient reception counters for tea and refreshments. Such space combination gives the visiting guests a good reception experience.

Communication space

Communication is a bridge that connects people to their inner world. Party A puts forward various demands for negotiation space in the office.Business meeting, academic discussion, leisure negotiation.Different communication environments require specific functional furniture upholstered solutions.

Clerk space

In lujiazui CBD, the most prosperous CBD in Shanghai, it is natural to provide higher quality daily office furniture experience.Double-sided work space with double-sided cabinets, as well as mobile cabinets, such a configuration to achieve the maximum office supplies storage.The head office corresponding to each row of work spaces is distinguished by high screen partitions, which is conducive to effective management of the department and maximizes the use of building space.The ubiquitous green plant decoration adds a freshness and nature to the office.

Outside of work, leaning on the sofa by the window, you can enjoy the panoramic view of  Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Financial Center and Jinmao Tower.

Administrative space

A separate high-rise compartment next to the window divides the office area of senior managers one by one.Executive tables, bookshelves, lockers and reception sofas, light wood color with white, make the simple and comfortable office decorating like a users study.

Conference & Training Space

A right decision can make the job more effective.Party A also has its own requirements for the specifications of meeting space.Departmental meeting rooms as small as 6-8 people, multifunctional meeting spaces as large as 20-30 people.There is also a large training space that can accommodate the participation of all employees.The simple and elegant decoration of the space and the soft furnishings of the furniture show calmness and business.

Functional space

There is an additional library in the entire office space to provide employees with a good atmosphere for reading and learning.At the same time, the independent space design of the Baby Care Room fully embodies the humane care for the majority of female employees under the modern office concept.

Simple and pure space design,Create the most practical and comfortable exclusive space experience.

Innovation for a better life;Designed for better enjoyment!

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