Project: Mlesun defines the health-care life from "heart" with Sheshan Fuchun

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Project: Fuchun·Sheshan


Address: Shanghai

From:  Shanghai New Qumun·Mlesun

Project case

Baoji Sheshan·Fuchun is located in Sheshan, Songjiang, Shanghai, which built by Shanghai Jinshenglong Land Co., Ltd. It is a 4A level scenic spot, enjoy the only natural mountain forest resources in Shanghai.The community takes the courtyard as the architectural theme: hidden,independent andseparated;The whole community landscape is divided into axis,core and area,enjoying the feelings, happiness and scenery.If you live here, you can enjoy the operation services of an international first-class team,and also enjoy the exclusive supporting facilities of 100 million-level villas indoors & outdoors. Baoji Fuchun·Sheshan is bound to create a new pattern of Chins elders health-care.

Fuchun Sheshan covers an area of 268 acres, with a building area of 75,000 square meters, a height limit of 10 meters, a volume ratio of 0.5, and a greening rate of 45%. There are two types of products, one is a 3-storey apartment, and the other is a townhouse.The architectural style adopts a new Asian style,and comprehensive style of Thai, Japanese, and Chinese.

Baoji Fuchun·Sheshan peripheral facilities

TCM clinic:

The TCM Clinic contains two core technologies, one is functional medicine, and the other is TCM to treat the disease.Functional medicine is widely used in the United States and Switzerland. Mostly in Taiwan. It is similar to traditional Chinese medicine, but it is more scientific and systematic. It treats people as a whole and combines it with the external environment to prevent diseases by detecting data such as body and blood.

Private butler service:

According to the setting of the health hotel, each group of guests is provided with a personal butler, who can provide services such as airport pickup, hotel room check-in, customer time arrangement and activity flow according to the needs of customers.

The superior natural resources, the vacancy of the health hotel market, the professional hotel operation team, combined with the cooperation of health, healing and traditional Chinese medicine resources and hotel functions, the positioning of a large and healthy commercial complex seems to be natural.

Star health-care hotel:

The customer base of health hotels is mainly based on the elite class of 35-55 years old, , which can be extended and developed in the direction of business entertainment, family vacation and club.

External built environment

The villa-style community planning gives the elders an excellent living space.Fuchun·Sheshan ultra-high plot ratio of 0.5 is equivalent to allowing every resident to enjoy a living space of nearly 100 square meters to socialize and manage daily life.

The real scene of the model room

From the shoe stools, dining tables and chairs to the living room sofa coffee table, from the professional treatment of antibacterial and antifouling fabrics to the aging design of product details and functions, it can fully meet the needs of the elderly mind, aesthetics and health.

With high-end medical and nursing community It is a new type of pension model that integrates medical resources and pension resources to maximize the use of social resources.

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