Good news! Mahler next series products won the red cotton award · 2018 Product Design Award

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The Oscar in the Chinese design world-the " COTTONTREE PRIZE - CHINA ORIGINAL  PRODUCT DESIGN AWARDS " is the origin of the Guangzhou Design Week. It has a 12-year history since 2006. As the most influential design award in China today, the "COTTONTREE PRIZE" for 12 years has consistently introduced and introduced many innovative and forward-looking design concepts and unique smart lifestyles into the Chinese consumer market.

From the start of March 2018 to the end of August, the registration of the Kapok Awards has received 2,162 entries from home and abroad. Based on the stringent evaluation criteria of the Kapok Award; the brand, Mlern, a brand of the New Qumun , led the 124 products from 94 participating companies at home and abroad, and was awarded the “COTTONTREE PRIZE · 2018 Product Design Award”.


The lineup of the COTTONTREE PRIZE jury is still strong. Seven investment chains related to the industry chain, Carlo Colombo (Italy), Kurokawa Masaru (Japan), Yan Zhiming (Hong Kong, China), Yang Dongjiang (China), Lin Dongna (China), Yang Luning (China), and Xiang Jie (China) , Development, design, media, and other multi-dimensional experts at home and abroad, making the selection more comprehensive and authoritative.

Appreciation of winning works

NEXT Sofa Series

The existing public sofas on the market are conservative and monotonous and have a single function, which can no longer meet the new demands of modern humanized office concepts. The original intention of NEXT's design is to focus on the essential function of the design of information transmission, to convey high-quality emotional appeal and office life attitude to users, and to make products with the spirit of geeks, so that each customer can enjoy the most outstanding experience.

The NEXT series consists of a few simple units, with five feature-rich connection panels and screen modesty panels, with coffee tables ,side tables and so on. It integrates storage, lighting, privacy, comfort, negotiation, and relaxation. The combination is flexible, simple, practical, and infinite ... It is suitable for large-scale flexible production and flexible customization. As its name implies, NEXT --- the combination of changes is next possible.

Scene one

After work and rest, the yellow screen and gray sofa combine to form a peaceful harbor, so that you can stay away from the busy work and have a space for exclusive reading.

Scene two

An essential part of the work is communication and collaboration. The dark blue sofa, the light gray floor and the blue and purple background create a space for deep communication and collaboration, letting you unconsciously sink into it.

Scene three

The original intention of this scene design is to relax, think, take a nap.The circular and elliptical design can maximize the use of space. Khaki fabrics and light wood floors plus green plants make people feel relaxed and happy, like an oasis in the desert, full of hope.

Scene four

The double-sided seat is designed to allow more people to rest in a limited space. This design is only for waiting and having rest.

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