Endless life, appreciation of the case of Ruijin Hospital

Publisher:   Release Time:2018-11-14   Browse Number:4111

Design: Shanghai New Qumun Group

Address: Jiading District, Shanghai, China

Time: 2018

Ruijin Hospital is a Grade A Class A comprehensive hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching and scientific research. It is a designated unit of Shanghai Medical Insurance and the largest clinical teaching base of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine. It has won the title of National Civilized Unit for four consecutive times. The medical rehabilitation of severe and difficult diseases such as cancer is second to none in China. In XX month of this year, Shanghai New Qumun Group was invited to design and build all furniture supplies for the Cancer Proton Center.

As a 21-year-old veteran furniture and office environment design company, and also as a leader in the industry, New Qumun has always adhered to its heart, creating and writing the evolution of the furniture industry. The industry has been intensively cultivated for 21 years, and projects have spread all over the world.

The clean and tidy hall, with bright lights, makes the sick haze sweep away. The rest chairs lined with the "田" shape and the flaming chair surface can't help but remind people of the sparks of the distant stars, and make people regenerate hope.

The specially designed white round reception counter stands on the dark blue ground, which is conspicuous and eye-catching and deeply attracts the eyes of every pedestrian who walks by. The round shape maximizes its work efficiency.

The transparent and straight corridor can be seen at a glance, and the most hope can be seen at the end

The professionally customized rest chair changes the style of the traditional rest row chair. The three chairs are grouped in a clockwise arrangement, and are matched with an orange chair surface. It looks like a blooming flower from above, giving people unlimited vitality.

The humanized personal rest area well protects personal privacy and makes the human body feel ubiquitous.

The simple atmosphere of the academician's office can make people feel the ability of its master at a glance, without too much decoration, everything is based on efficiency. The light gray carpet further emphasizes the seriousness of the owner, and the small but dignified conference room brings out the image of a dedicated and serious owner who is devoted to all patients.

As a craftsman, hold the originality.

21 years of hard work, just to let you have the best service and experience.

We look forward to your arrival with the greatest sincerity.