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On August 18th, Shanghai New Qumun Furniture held the “New Qumun • Marketing Strategy Exchange Meeting” at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. Trends, market innovations and business characteristics unfolded.

The meeting was highly valued by the leadership of the New Qumun factory headquarters. The company's chairman Zhang Min, president Xu Yafen, head of the domestic business department Li Lei and other relevant leaders attended the meeting, and there were 25 core agents from all over the country. And the sales elite of the factory headquarters.


Message from the Chairman

Mr. Zhang Min, chairman of the board, gave a speech summarizing the breakthroughs made by the company in traditional large projects and new areas of suitable old furniture in the first half of 2017, and pointed out that the company's new production base in Haian will be fully put into production in the second half of the year, and the production efficiency will increase several times , Product quality will also reach international standards.


Marketing policy announcement in the second half year of 2017

Subsequently, the head of the domestic business department, Li Lei, publicized the company's marketing policy in the second half of the year, and explained in detail the company's marketing support to agents and partners and matters that should be noted during the market development process.


Experience exchange and sharing

Xia Yuting, general manager of Wuxi Qumun, shared unreservedly 17 years of market development and project operation experience with New Guanmei at the meeting. All the members present benefited a lot.

Jing Xiaoyong, general manager of Beijing Hexing, gave a wonderful explanation and sharing of the market environment and project operation model around "contingency, transformation and transformation".

Brainstorming together, during the free exchange on the spot, the agents and partners expressed their opinions and carried out in-depth exchanges and sharing around the industry's development trends, market innovations and characteristics of the format.

At the end of the meeting, the company's chairman Zhang Min and president Xu Yafen made a final summary of the sharing and exchange of this meeting, pointing out that the furniture industry will form an intelligent, large-scale and diversified business model in the future Become the core element for enterprises to enhance their competitiveness. New Qumun will meet this trend and make in-depth changes to adapt to the ever-changing market. At the same time, we hope that all partners will work together with the company to grasp the market, work together and seize market opportunities.

Physical and mental relaxation-Wuxi one-day trip

Accompanied by delicious food and beauty is an indispensable way to relax. The next morning, under the guidance of a tour guide, everyone visited the Yuantouzhu Scenic Area, enjoying the scenery while understanding the local customs of Wuxi.

In the afternoon, everyone visited Liyuan with great interest. The Taozhu mansion, performance hall, embroidered building, Yiguang teahouse, cruise ship terminal and other buildings in the garden reproduced the folklore Fan Li Xishi love story. In the evening, they visited Taihu Lake and tasted Wuxi. The delicacies of Taihu Lake have a sweeping view, and people will never forget to return. At this point, the two-day "New Qumun Marketing Strategy Exchange Meeting" ended successfully!

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