2015 Year-end Summary Conference, the 2016 Strategic Planning Meeting successful hosted

Publisher:Qumun   Release Time:2016-03-20   Browse Number:9504

On March 19, 2016, Shanghai Qumun 2015 Year-end Summary Conference, the 2016 Strategic Planning Meeting was successful held at Qingpu headquarter, the leadership and managment personnel of headquarter and branches attended the meeting, including the Chairman, Mr Zhang Min and General Manager Ms Xu Yafen. At the beginning, the General Manager Ms Xu Yafen on behalf of Qumun group had a report on 2015 Annual Work Summary and 2016 Strategic Planning. Ms Xu stated, influenced by economic situation and national policy, Chinese manufacturing industry has met the unprecedented crisis and challenges. The demand of market forces us to change the inherent mode of thinking. Through innovation, R&D and design, gradually realize the standardization, industrial production and large-scale production to meet market needs. Ms xu stressed Qumun will put product transformation and cost control at the first place on the working list of 2016.

All leaderships of Group centers and branches had stated and summarized 2015 work one by one, at the same time had a clear planing on 2016 work based on the strategic plan of the General Manager Office. The meeting was ended in the practical and compact atmosphere throughout the day. All attendants are full of confidence and hope to 2016, will certainly face unknown difficulties and challenges in a positive attitude. As long as we go forward hand in hand together, we will have a brighter future for sure.

As the shinning curtain dropped down and lights on, the spectacular Qumun Annual Conference Dinner was officially started. The Chairman delivered a speech at the begining, summed up Qumun development achievements over the past year. He also expressed affirmation and praise on the achievements, made a clear direction for 2016, that is to carry out flexible production and cultivate the spirit of the strategic direction of the best. Finally, Mr Zhang on behalf of the group expressed his best wishes to all Qumun stuff and families.

The fabulous and incredible stage scene, wonderful performance and delicate food, all made the party be immersed in a cheerful, lively atmosphere. The guests tasted food, drank wine, rewarded programs and enjoyed the fascinating performance.